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Our Rooms


  • 1 Mixer (P/A)
  • 3 Microphones (just ask us if you need a 4th. We can’t guarantee we can provide more than 4 mics)
  • 1 Guitar Amp Head
  • 1 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  • 1 Guitar Combo Amp
  • 1 Bass Amp
  • 1 Music stand
  • 1 5 piece drum kit with 3 cymbal stands.
  • Monitors (P/A speakers) depending on the size of the room (we cannot provide extra monitors)

  • Rooms are allocated based on band size.
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    Soundcheck Room

    Gravity on me never let me down gently Gravity with me never let me go no, no gravity.

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    Green Room

    Green room, green light, give me everything you got …

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    Purple Room

    Purple haze all in my brain, lately things they don’t seem the same.

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    Blue are the feelings that live inside me, I’m BLUE. Da ba Dee Da ba die Da ba Dee Da ba die

    Every Jam Will Rock!

    We bend over backward to make sure your session is a success - every single time
    Happy Jamming

    Each studio includes an 800W 10 channel PA, 2 guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier and a drum set. The drums come with a single bass pedal, snare, hi-hats and 3 cymbal stands.Foot pedals for the amps, extra patch cords (including cables to connect your mobile device), mic stands or mics are all included with the studio rental. Just ask our amazing staff.

    Cymbals available for $5 (Hi-hats, 2 Crashes, 1 Ride) or $1 per cymbal, of course your drummer is welcome to bring his own.

    Batteries, drum sticks, a guitar or bass string, we sell these items so your jam session is always successful.

    Got the munchies? Snacks are available for purchase. Coffee and tea is always free.

    Storage is available if you want to leave you heavy gear on-site.

    • Easy and fast online booking and payment

    • Save 25%
      Book and pay for 4x3 hour sessions within an 8 week period

    • Minimum booking

    • 48 hour free change or cancellation

    Our TEAM

    Sound Advice from our expert team

    Virginia Delbridge

    The Boss
    I’ve been in a few bands. I love playing original music. Singing is my thing. James and I wanted to have a family business that inspired and help musicians.When we started Soundcheck we wanted to make sure bands had a place where they could not only rehearse, but also create! I hope you enjoy it!


    Lycanthro Frontman / Manager.
    Living the life, spending most time in writing, composing and playing music.


    Aphelion Frontman / Jack of all trades.


    Musician/Team member.
    Playing music since I was 15. Started producing music in 2009 and have been doing so since.
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